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Library Floor Plan.jpg
An undated but early floor plan of the library building showing the locations of rooms in the library and Industrial School. Note the separate reading room for women and the former use of the Sinatra Room as a kitchen!

Industrial School Dispute.pdf
The Library Trustees and the Industrial School Trustees had a debate over who rightfully had permission to utilize a room in the basement of the building. This room was labeled as a classroom but was being used for library storage until the…

Richard Stevens letters.pdf
Two letters from Richard Stevens, son of Martha Bayard Stevens, the primary benefactor of the current library building. These letters concern the nature of the family's donation to build the library and to include the Industrial School.

Building Needs Study, 1996.pdf
This document from 1996 shows both the needs of the library in improving compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (there has since been an elevator added) and that the Industrial School was still active and operational in the…

Articles of Agreement - 1896.pdf
Articles of Agreement between the Mayor and Council of Hoboken by the Trustees of the Free Public Library and Heatherton Brothers of Jersey City, the contractors selected to build Albert Beyer's final design. The agreement was signed on January 28,…

A photocopy of the deed granting the land to the City of Hoboken for the construction of the library at its current location on the corner of 5th and Park. Martha B. Stevens donated the land for the project.

Architectural Renders.pdf
Copies of a collection of mockups drawn by architect Albert Beyer and other architects bidding on the library before selecting the final design for the library. The final design can also be seen on this site.

The library as viewed from 5th and Willow in 1933.

The middle room of the second floor reference department in 1933. As of 2019, this room currently houses the local history collection.

The North Room of the reference department on the second floor in 1933.
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