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Board of Trustees 1.jpg
Nina Hatfield photographed with the rest of the Board of Trustees of the Library in 1953.
Back row, L-R: Mayor John J. Grogan, Mr. Romano, School Supervisor McFeely
Front row, L-R: Nina Hatfield, Mr. Germano, Mr. Laforgia, Mr. J. Rafter

Nina Hatfield Obituary.pdf
Nina Hatfield's obituary. She outlived her husband by 40 years, dying in April 1965 at the age of 95.

Thomas Hatfield obits.pdf
Thomas Hatfield died on October 8, 1925, at the Hatfield home at 606 River Street. Nina took over as head librarian after his death, a position she held for many years before her retirement and own death at the age of 95.

Nina Hatfield retirement.jpg
Nina Hatfield's retirement announcement, which highlights many of her accomplishments, including founding children's storytime and creating the history collection, which her story is now a part of.

Nina Hatfield's poetry.pdf
Nina Hatfield was an accomplished poet and potter. These are two samples of her poetry clipped from newspaper articles, one of which is her retirement announcement (which can also be seen in full in this exhibition).

Library Floor Plan.jpg
An undated but early floor plan of the library building showing the locations of rooms in the library and Industrial School. Note the separate reading room for women and the former use of the Sinatra Room as a kitchen!

Accessibility Renovations, 2003.jpg
A May 11, 2003 article in the Hoboken Reporter announcing library renovations to bring the building into the 21st century and up to date with ADA requirements, including the beloved elevator. Current director Lina Podles's name is misspelled at least…

I wish to register a complaint.pdf
Nina Hatfield filed this complaint away at some point, and it remains with our collection today. The complaint reads, "To Miss Hatfield, As a member of your library I would appreciate it if you saw to the cleaning of the books. Assuming the matter…

Hatfield letter.pdf
Mr. Hatfield's letter inviting the Trustees to the opening of the library in its original location, the Second National Bank Building on the corner of Hudson Place. The opening ceremony took place at City Hall in the Council Chamber on Wednesday,…

1909 Annual Report.pdf
The annual report for the library for 1909. A notable feature of the library's annual reports is that they report the number of books destroyed by the Hoboken Board of Health each year. This was likely due to books being checked out to households in…
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